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Van Ingen & Van Ingen were Indian taxidermists operating from 1900-1998 in Mysore, South India. The firm was regarded as the best in the world completing taxidermy works for nobility as high as the Maharajahs of India to the Kings and Queens of foreign lands. Van Ingen were renowned for processing the highest volume of tigers and leopards as well as producing mounts in the most lifelike poses and utmost beauty, incomparable to any other taxidermists in the world. They produced taxidermy in the form of full mounts, heads on shields, flat rugs, and rug mounts with heads attached.

Photograph of the Van Ingen firm showroom

Van Ingen & Van Ingen was run by three brothers Botha, De Wet and Joubert Van Ingen who were trained by their father and founder of the taxidermy firm, Eugene Van Ingen. At the peak of business between the 1930's and 1960's, factory records show that Van Ingen processed over 400 tigers per year. The firm also employed over 100 workers in this time to support the high workload, with jobs from cleaning, skinning, salting, pickling, mounting, carpentry, finishing, decorating and offloading. It was only until the late 60's that work began to see a dramatic decline with the introduction of regulations and laws for hunters hunting big game.

Van Ingen & Van Ingen also published various books on taxidermy, the most notable entitled The Preservation of Shikar Trophies, Artists in Taxidermy, Mysore demonstrating the recommended techniques for skinning and preserving game in the field.

Photograph of taxidermy tiger with Indian lions and tiger cub in background  Photograph of various taxidermy tiger mounts  Photograph of two Van Ingen mounted leopards

Van Ingen & Van Ingen's work was so highly regarded due to their attention to detail, using quality hand-painted glass eyes and reproducing accurate forms from paper maché, using ceramic moulds to maintain constant output quality. Today, these Van Ingen mounts remain in high demand, many are found tattered, faded and moth bitten although some have been kept pristine and in mint condition fetching a high price for collectors.

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Photograph of two van ingen tiger skin rugs

Photograph of various Van Ingen books & brochures

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