The Preservation of Shikar Trophies by Van Ingen & Van Ingen (1933)

The rare book entitled The Preservation of Shikar Trophies by Van Ingen & Van Ingen (1933). This book is the ultimate hunter's guide and handbook on how to skin, treat and preserve your big game trophies whilst in the field. Van Ingen & Van Ingen published the detailed book for customers and hunters as a guide for keeping their trophies in good condition until delivering to the taxidermist. The book is one of the most sought after for antique collectors and hunters alike.

The Preservation of Shikar Trophies is comprised of a soft-cover with 68 pages, plenty of black and white photos outlining the tips and techniques of skinning, treating and preserving hides in great detail. One of the most original hunting books you will find in good condition for its age and rarely seen for offer.

Condition: Good  |  Format: Soft-cover  |  Publication Year: 1933  |  Category: Hunting & Recreation  |  Special Attributes: Rare / out of production |  Author: Van Ingen & Van Ingen  |  Edition: Third


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