1947 Van Ingen taxidermy tiger skin rug

super full body Van Ingen Tiger Skin Rug with head mount. A fantastic original specimen with excellent colour snarling dramatically by one of the best taxidermy firms in the world, label still intact and near perfect condition. Serial number consistent with the date 1947 as outlined in Dr. Pat Morris' study in the book Van Ingen & Van Ingen Artists in Taxidermy. Has been a family treasure from 1947 until today.

Tiger skin rugs with head mounts are becoming harder and harder to find in fine colour and detail not to mention quality and condition today. All original teeth and claws. 

Tip of nose to tail: 9.2ft
Muzzle (width): 5.91"
Head (width) : 10.63"
Head length (neck to nose): 15.75"

*Pre-Cites permit included, also available for countries outside of Australia. 
Not available to USA, sorry.

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