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Van Ingen Mysore Collectors are dedicated to collecting quality taxidermy specimens by Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore as well as various other antique taxidermy. 
We buy, sell and can source taxidermy of all types from all over the world, whether it be for an interiors project, of personal interest or just an appreciation for the art of taxidermy. We can also provide Van Ingen provenance checks for those wanting to know the history behind their prized mounts. 

We specialise in antique big cat taxidermy mounts such as the tiger, leopard, lion and other rare species all of which are approved by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) in the form of CITES Pre-Convention unless stated otherwise. Meaning that specimens are certified as being acquired prior to the species being classified endangered.


Van Ingen leopard lion tiger indian antique skin rug pelt hide old colonial

Taxidermy is very much sculpture, carving a lifelike form of an animal then having their real life tanned hides arranged as if to appear alive for display and/or scientific study. The stigma attached to taxidermy is often "killing" although taxidermy is simply the art of preserving an animal to appear lifelike for either scientific or collective purposes. At the turn of the century it was widely acceptable to hunt species such as the tiger and leopard just as if to own an expensive piece of furniture today. Hunting became stylish with the spread of the British Empire, and was popular with Indian nobility and high ranking British officers, British royalty would even partake in hunts sending their trophies to taxidermists to have their work mounted such as the renowned Van Ingen & Van Ingen of Mysore firm operating out of South India. Times have changed and today thankfully, all hunting is banned; although these wonderful creatures remain critically endangered. Memoirs of man's exploits remain in the form of mounts just as you would see in your local Museum, some fetching high value due to their condition, skill of preservation and historic significance but also reminding us of our past and the need for conservation of today's animal species.

Van Ingen leopard lion tiger indian antique skin rug pelt hide old colonial



Our hope in dealing with antique big cat mounts is to allow appreciation for the preservation of such rare and beautiful big cat species in the form of antiquity and to provide you with the opportunity to own your own piece of history, an investment with limited availability and rarity. If an antique big cat mount can be purchased, it may even prevent another live one from being poached.

Van Ingen Mysore Collectors wholly supports the conservation of all wild flora and fauna, acts against damage to the environment and the regulations put in place by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora banning the very serious trade of illegal animal products.



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We are collectors of quality Van Ingen taxidermy mounts and various other antique specimens. We also buy and source items from around the world, as well as provide provenance checks for Van Ingen items.

  • Say no to hunting, poaching and decimation of today's tigers

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If you are interested in an item, have antique taxidermy for sale or would like to search for provenance for your Van Ingen item please contact us:

E-mail: vaningenmysore@yahoo.com.au